Professional Supervision & Workplace PD

Supervision and Workplace PD provide an opportunity to talk with a fellow professional who can see your issues from an uninvolved perspective and support you to look more objectively at the way you relate to your work environment and those you work with.


Because everything you talk about is confidential, you're able to be completely honest without it affecting your position in the community, or your role and relationships within the workplace.

How Supervision & Workplace PD can help

Using Supervision as professional development means you want to grow your level of 'response-ability' to ensure your work relationships and your attitude toward your role remains balanced and healthy


You may be in a position of influence or care which requires that you continually reflect on how you use and carry out your role. Developing your capacity to reflect supports you to review decisions you've made, interactions you've had and things you've thought about from a wider perspective. This process of reflection encourages a robustness which supports you to improve and grow, both professionally and personally.

What does a typical Supervision session look like?

A typical session usually looks like the following although we'll adapt the session to the needs of your professional role.

  • Review previous session

  • Updates on issues

  • Go over status of projects 

  • Discuss any new issues 

  • Reflect on supervisee's process and what professional/personal beliefs, etc. influenced decisions

  • Reflect on consequence of decisions, both 'positive' and 'negative'

  • Discuss impact on supervisee, patient, employee, client, co-worker, student, organisation, etc

  • Education about personal psychology and dynamics between self and other

  • Discuss other approaches, possible solutions, changes to be made, upskilling, etc

  • Discuss wellbeing, self care, anything supervisee needs to build more awareness of or work anything which needs to be worked on

  • The impact of and/or learning from the session 

What is the scope of this service?

Supervision is suitable for all levels of employment, especially managers, leaders, employers, educators and health care workers who want to advance their resourcefulness in working within particular organisational systems, within particular employment cultures or with specific clients, patients, employees, colleagues and students.

Supervision is not limited to any workplace concern but following are some typical issues:
  • Goal-setting

  • Ethics

  • Trauma associated with client work

  • Exploring seemingly irresolvable work relationship issues

  • Motivation and productivity

  • Training and professional development

  • Developing confidence within the role

  • Clashes in beliefs and perspectives

  • Reflective professional development

  • Maintaining clear boundaries

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Work-life balance

  • Confidential and sensitive casework

  • Diversity

  • Not knowing how to say 'no'

  • Difficult clients and employees

  • Relational conflict

What I bring to the Supervisory partnership

As part of my Masters though AUT I specialised both in Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision and have been working in a supervisory role since 2005. My aim is to be open and non-judgemental to support your reflective process and help you refine your professional approach to your work role.

For further information on Professional Supervision or Workplace PD either ring me on 027 6878 113 or send an enquiry on the form at the bottom of this page.

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