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Reflective Professional Development

Reflective Professional Development (RPD) provides an opportunity to talk with a fellow professional who can see your issues from an uninvolved perspective and support you to look more objectively at the way you relate to your work environment and those you work with.


Because everything you talk about is confidential, you're able to be completely honest without it affecting your position in the community, or your role and relationships within the workplace.

Reflective Professional Development is suitable for all types of professions. Managers, leaders, employers, educators health care workers, coaches, healers who want to advance their resourcefulness in working with human behaviour, particular organisational systems, within particular employment cultures or with specific clients, patients, employees, colleagues and students.

Reflective Professional Development is not limited to any workplace concern but following are some typical issues:
  • Coaching

  • Goal-setting

  • Not knowing how to say 'no'

  • Diversity in the workplace

  • Difficult clients and employees

  • Relational conflict

  • Motivation and productivity

  • Developing confidence within the role

  • Clashes in beliefs and perspectives

  • Professional Supervision

  • Maintaining clear boundaries

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Work-life balance

  • Confidential and sensitive casework

  • Training and professional development

  • Ethics

  • Trauma associated with client work

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