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*** Mindfulness Course for Better Well-Being ***
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*** Mindfulness for Better Well-Being ***

4 weeks, online

Private or group classes


Everyone wants better health and well-being but the BIG question is ‘How can better well-being be achieved’?

This 4-week course course is for anyone, whether you're new to mindfulness or you want some ideas on how to deepen your practice or some motivation to begin a more regular practice.


Expand your ideas about what mindfulness is and how it can enhance your well-being. 


Learn by exploring techniques in class and through sharing in small group discussions.


Come and 'experience' how mindfulness can help you see each moment as an opening to:

  • live with less stress and anxiety

  • reduce self-judgement and criticism

  • create better relationships

  • increase emotional stability

  • reduce reactivity that causes regret

  • increase resilience to life’s unavoidable challenges

  • carry out daily activities with greater ease

  • enjoy better mental health and overall wellness

  • understand the importance of the body/mind connection

  • understand how your thoughts influence your feelings


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Mindfulness Course
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