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Responding to the Inner Call

Responding to the call to do personal work is about surrendering to the experience of slowing down and of honouring yourself with the sacred pause of self-care.

It’s about creating the space to develop awareness and embodied presence by cultivating curiosity. In practicing embodied presence you make space for your wholeness by acknowledging that all of you is welcome – your Light, your Shadow and all of your in between -- with acceptance and without judgement.

When you begin to observe your experience from a place of curiosity, you begin to make what’s unconscious, conscious and you emerge from your conditioning and the everyday trance. You reconnect to yourself and discover who you truly are.

Our sessions are explorations in opening to curiosity, to wonder, to the mystery.

"From an evolutionary perspective our species' brain development correlates with a growing capacity for self-awareness...we are not at the end of our evolutionary story. We have the tools that can awaken mindfulness and compassion in ourselves and guide us to...our collective path of healing and freedom..." Tara Brach, meditation teacher, psychologist and author of Radical Compassion

My approach provides a safe, confidential environment and a holistic exploration into health and wellbeing, combining mindfulness, traditional talk therapy and the mystery of you.

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