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142 Don St, Invercargill & Southern Southland






About Me

Originally from Canada, I left in 1990 and taught English in Japan for three years, then came to NZ as a backpacker. As fate would have it I met a Kiwi sheep farmer and have been here in Southland now for 25 years!

It was somewhere about 1997 I began to struggle with my own personal crisis and by 1999 I knew there were signs that I needed to talk to someone. Coming from North America where seeing a therapist for your mental health is more mainstream it never crossed my mind to talk to my GP about my struggles because GPs primarily deal with the physical. I knew I needed to find someone trained to work with the mind and my mental wellbeing.

I found Melvina. Melvina's practice was about an hour away from me in a little community called Makarewa. Yes, Makarewa of all places?!? She had trained for a time in Britain and she had also trained locally in Jungian depth therapy. She worked with the mental, physical, spiritual – she worked holistically and with ‘all of me’.


When I'd first started therapy I was studying to become a career counsellor but when I began to heal and feel more 'whole' I switched to psychotherapy training and eventually started my own practice in 2005. With continued study I've earned a Master of Health Practice through AUT, specialising in psychotherapy and clinical supervision.

I've always been interested in that which exists beyond the material, physical world and believe that part of our mental wellness relies on having a meaningful relationship with our inner self. I'm drawn to metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, mindfulness and the influence of our unconscious on our conscious self. These interests led me to study to become a yoga teacher and to study the works of Carl Jung.


My plan is to organise residential retreats with experienced teachers to offer a wider population an understanding of emotional health and to provide an accessible and practical means to improve mental wellness. 

The kinds of things I'm thinking about lately are: the burgeoning discoveries of neuroscience; evolving consciousness; and how people from different cultures view the world.

So that’s a bit about me. 'You' are my welcome visitor. I wonder what it is that’s brought you here ...