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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

This blog is a about mental health. It’s something that will take shape as it grows but mainly I expect it will be about healing and psychotherapy, mind and body, yoga and metaphysics, mindfulness and the brain – these are all areas I’m interested in.

I’ve recently become interested in neuroscience or ‘brain science’ and I’m applying more and more of it to my work. So to start with I’d like to share important information, such as what neuroscience is discovering about the brain in relation to mindfulness; how mindfulness builds resilience and heals trauma by restructuring the brain; what happens in the brain during those times we feel weakest and most out-of-control; and so on.

As a therapist I’m writing this blog also as an offering to my clients to help explain what causes the chaos they feel in their inner world and what we're aiming to achieve as we work together toward healing.

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