Rene Frey-Jennings 

Counselling-Therapy &

Professional Supervision

Online & In-Person 

My approach combines West-East psychology, based on traditional psychotherapy, yogic and mindfulness philosophy.

Through this process you become more aware of emotional stuck places in your life and how limiting beliefs about yourself and the world may be contributing to your difficulties. You also develop a practice of mindful presence and build a greater awareness of the patterns and habits of the mind and the felt sensations of the body which normally go undetected but which are the pathway to healing. Reestablishing the innate connection between body and mind creates the conditions for better mental health and wellbeing.

A typical session might include different pathways to healing, such as talk therapy, mindfulness, gentle movement, creative visualisation, breathwork, dream interpretation, sandtrays, drawing, etc.

Many types of mental health and wellness issues can be explored through this approach such as:

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Stress

  • Anger

  • Grief and loss

  • Obsession and compulsion

  • Sexuality

  • Self-esteem

  • Ageing

  • Illness

  • Fear of death and dying

  • Consciousness development

  • Personal growth

  • Mindfulness

  • Relationship

  • Trauma

  • Mental/physical experiences which are confusing and difficult to share with loved ones

  • Spiritual crisis

  • Spirituality exploration

  • Transgender

  • Gay and lesbian

  • Guilt and shame

  • Body and mind connection

  • Life transitions

  • Mid-life

  • General sense of unhappiness

  • Feeling overwhelmed by life

  • Questioning long-held beliefs

  • Overwhelming feelings of sadness or helplessness

  • Identity

  • Constant worrying

  • Being on edge

  • Feeling like you've tried and tried and tried

  • Work-related difficulties

  • Self-awareness

  • Fear of future

  • General mental health and wellbeing

  • Dream interpretation


Find relief and self-understanding. Bring balance to the different aspects of your emotional and physical wellbeing by developing a healthier relationship to your inner Self.


Improve your professional wellbeing and your work practice through a confidential relationship which supports self-reflection. Learn through your experience and grow both professionally and personally. 


Mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes health and well-being. Learn to recognise and change unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Develop more perspective to manage life's challenges in a healthier way.


Both in-person and online sessions are available. Choose online if you prefer having support within your own personal space. 

Contact me:

027 6878 113

Service locations:

142 Don St, Invercargill & Southern Southland