Rene Frey-Jennings 
Counselling-Therapy &
Reflective Professional Development
Online & In-Person 


"From an evolutionary perspective our species' brain development correlates with a growing capacity for self-awareness...we are not at the end of our evolutionary story. We have the tools that can awaken mindfulness and compassion in ourselves and guide us to...our collective path of healing and freedom..." Tara Brach, meditation teacher, psychologist and author of Radical Compassion

There's an outer face we present to the world, then there's our inner world filled with emotional charge, long-held beliefs, conditioning and past experiences... Often these two worlds are in conflict causing us mental anguish and suffering.

Combining mindfulness with traditional talk therapy the aim is to bring the unconscious dynamics into conscious awareness, moving these two worlds into closer alignment.


My approach is a holistic exploration into health and wellbeing.


Find relief and self-understanding. Bring balance to the different aspects of your emotional and physical wellbeing by developing a healthier relationship to your inner world.


Improve your professional wellbeing and your work practice through a confidential relationship which supports self-reflection. Learn through your experience and grow both professionally and personally. 


Mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes health and well-being. Learn to recognise and change unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Develop more perspective to manage life's challenges in a healthier way.


Both in-person and online sessions are available. Choose online if you prefer having support within your own personal space.