Rene Frey-Jennings 
Counselling-Therapy &
Reflective Professional Development
Online & In-Person 


My approach is a holistic exploration into health and wellbeing which helps you learn skills to live more resourcefully and with greater ease. In this pathway to healing talk therapy is combined with mindfulness practices bringing body, mind, and spirit together and back into balance.

Through this process you develop mental stability and wellbeing through awareness:

  • Learn about your emotional experience and that emotions are a natural part of life and living.

  • Learn to pay attention to the wisdom of the body and understand the movement of energy within. 

  • Develop a practice of mindful presence and build a greater awareness of the patterns and habits of the mind and the felt sensations of the body which are the pathway to healing.

  • Re-establish the innate connection between body and mind which creates the conditions for better mental health and wellbeing.

A typical session might include other ways of healing, such as relaxation, gentle movement, creative visualisation, breathwork, dream interpretation, sandtrays, drawing, etc.


Find relief and self-understanding. Bring balance to the different aspects of your emotional and physical wellbeing by developing a healthier relationship to your inner world.


Improve your professional wellbeing and your work practice through a confidential relationship which supports self-reflection. Learn through your experience and grow both professionally and personally. 


Mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes health and well-being. Learn to recognise and change unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Develop more perspective to manage life's challenges in a healthier way.


Both in-person and online sessions are available. Choose online if you prefer having support within your own personal space.