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Rene Frey-Jennings 

Counselling-Therapy &

Professional Supervision

Providing a confidential, 


space to explore life's meaning; and to manage stress and anxiety brought on by life's uncertainties and life events.

Understand why you repeatedly find yourself dealing with the same issues again and again

Grow your awareness to gain a wider perspective of yourself and your situation

Develop the ability to see choices which establish stability in your personal life or professional role


Counselling-Therapy allows you the space to talk about your concerns. It supports you to establish stability and balance in your life by looking at the relationship between aspects of your mental, emotional, physical and transpersonal health and wellbeing. 


Professional Supervision provides a confidential space to reflect on your work practice with an independent professional who offers objective feedback and guidance regarding your workplace concerns.


Mindfulness is an awareness technique which supports you to discover and pay attention to often unconscious thoughts, sensations, emotions and urges which can cause stress and anxiety in life.


An online option when it's not possible to meet in person.